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Mission Statement

ROCKFISH Swimming strives to create a safe and supportive swimmer-first environment in which every athlete is provided with opportunity, training and encouragement to reach his or her full potential both in and out of the pool.


Vision Statement


• Build the highest quality swim program in Southern Maryland through compassionate coaches, dedicated swimmers, and enthusiastic families working together in an inclusive environment

• Teach perseverance through challenges and set-backs to maintain forward momentum towards a goal

• Model integrity and sportsmanship through adherence at every level to the rules and policies set forth by Maryland Swimming and USA Swimming

• Mold athletes into future leaders by instilling positive life skills

• Celebrate successes at every level of achievement


• Create a safe, fun and encouraging team for all athletes and their families

• Maintain integrity and respect in all interactions among swimmers, parents, coaches, other teams, and the community

• Provide robust volunteer training and education for swimmers and their families

• Pursue ways to give back through fundraising, scholarships and donations


• Administer age and developmentally appropriate practice, drills, drylands and other instruction, no matter skill or speed of swimmer

• Operate a challenging, swimmer-focused, skills-based team environment utilizing coaches’ varied experiences at the collegiate, high school, club, and summer swim levels

• Develop and maintain a transparent leadership team consisting of coaches, board members and parents singularly focused on the success of our swimmers and the association

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