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Chris DePiazza


ROCK Athlete Representative 

Chris DePiazza has swam with ROCKFISH Swimming since 2015.  He is a Junior in High School (home schooled), as well as a student at the College of Southern Maryland through Dual Enrollment.  Chris’ favorite event is the 200 IM.  He is an Eagle Scout, a pianist, and enjoys camping and spending time with friends. He is happy to answer any questions that swimmers may have!

Emma Carrigg


ROCK Athlete Representative 

Emma Carrigg has been swimming for ROCKFISH for 6 years. She is serving her second year as the team's Athlete Representative. Emma is a Junior at Leonardtown High School, and besides swimming, she is a violinist in Annapolis Youth Orchestra.
Emma is available to talk with swimmers of all ages about any concerns or questions they may have. 


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